Instant feeding bottle & dispenser 

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Squirrel® Original

‘Squirrel’ your

preferred formula

feed in here

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A multi-purpose, instant feeding system for busy parents and carers. Squirrel® is not just a bottle but a flexible feeding system with optional usage.


  • Prepared in seconds


  • No need to unscrew and pour in the formula


  • No separate dispenser required

Quick & convenient

For an instant, fresh feed, just press the button and gently shake.

Newborn's Care

How it works


Ready for use

Press button

Gently shake

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Bottle ready for use.

Water and formula powder are separate.


Button pressed.

Dispenser activated.

Formula powder can

now mix with water.

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Remove cap

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Cap is removed.

Feed can now be


Cap is removed.

Feed can now be consumed.


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Button is released.

Bottle is gently shaken

to prepare feed.

Button is released.

Bottle is gently shaken to prepare feed.

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Preparation In


Mother Holding Baby's Hand
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Baby Sleeping

Filling the Dispenser

Newborn Baby
Happy Baby

On a clean, flat surface, push the two halves of the dispenser together.

Add up to 8 scoops of your preferred powder formula.

Finally, push the lid into place and the dispenser is ready for use.

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Happy Baby

Activation Prevention

To prevent accidental activation, the button can be locked simply by rotating.


Intuitive, tactile operation by recess alignment. Can be done in complete darkness.

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The button cannot be pressed in this position

With the button in the unlocked position, it can now be pressed.



Baby Bath
Happy Baby

Squirrel® is available in two bottle sizes.

150ml (5fl oz.) and 260ml (9fl oz.)


The dispenser can be used with either size for continued usage as baby grows.

Ideal from birth, especially for smaller babies.

150ml (5fl oz.)

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Move on to the larger bottle as baby’s appetite grows.

260ml (9fl oz.)